MatchBox Specifications

The Most Powerful IoT Box with Lora & Wi-Fi






The Longest Range of IoT technology

Lora ultralongrange

MatchBox is a IoT gateway which concentrates Lora node packets in the vicinity of 20 km.

And the output power can reach up to 27dBm, sensitivity is around -146dBm.


The Largest Capacity of the IoT network


lora capacity


It supports LoraWAN protocol, which enable users to create various applications over the Lora network. The MatchX controller implements anti-collision algorithm on backend, along with Listen-Before-Talk, the network capacity for a single box can reach 65535 devices.


The Transparent IoT network

lora transparent

Sensors can only see your cloud address, and data are forwarded transparently, let's build a trusted IoT network with your own decentralized clouds. 

Opensource OS, Free GPIOs!

lora usb

6 GPIOs and UART are exposed through USB-C. 


One small box, big flexibility!

outdoor lora

The MatchBox carries both GPS and GPRS modules, and a 24V POE port. These features

offers possibility for outdoor usage with waterproof enclosure, or even wind-turbine and solar

panel hybrid station.

The picture above shows the outdoor enclosure with GPS/GPRS/Lora antennas with LED button and POE port.




 Operating System: OpenWrt/LEDE

GPS: UBlox Max 7C

 CPU: MT7688AN 580MHz MIPS

 Memory: 128MB DDR2 RAM/ 32MB FLASH

Size: 78 x 140 x 30mm

 IoT:  LoraWAN SX1301

USB: USB 2.0

  SX1257@+30dbm Output Power

Antenna: U.FL for 1 x Wi-Fi         

 470/868/915Mhz, -146dBm Sensitivity

U.FL for Lora,  GPS  

LAN: 10/100 Mbit LAN

Wi-Fi: 802.11n 1*1 @ 150Mbps

Debug Interface: USB-C for UART, 4 GPIOs

Supply: Passive 24V POE

Certification: CE, FCC, LoraWAN

Power: 1W in average, peak 5W

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

Others: RGB-LED,  8 GPIO


            Reset button