LoraWAN v.s Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.15.4 

The biggest difference that can separate Lora from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee is the place of LoraWAN protocol stack on gateway. The following picture tells it.

LoraWAN compare

As we can see that Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.15.4 solutions all implement the stack on chip or inside the OS, it results in the bad performance of roaming, networking, anti-collision and security. While we can easily solve all these problem in the network controller that reside in the cloud with the help of OpenWrt, an open and flexible operating system. 


network solution 2

Turnkey solution

We offer a simple turnkey solution for companies that want a private IoT network, you will get the following things in such a solution:

1.  Powerful IoT gateways

2.  Customization of the sensors with different shapes

3.  A easy IoT protocol stack with range optimization, anti-collision, roaming, security features

4.  Network deployment and operation support 24/7


There are three main components in the turnkey solution:


1. MatchBoxs with OpenWrt

2. MatchSticks with SDK and hardware files

3. Docker containers with Lora controller


Virtual Network Operator solution

With the MatchX networks that spread out the world, the specific companies like pets, argriculture, health care and bike renting can just customize the sensors for their customers. There is no need to take care of the roaming, collision and other things. The companies can just focus on their services.

You will get the following things:

1. Customization of the sensors and the solid firmawre

2. APIs for configuring the network devices

3. Cloud and network support 24/7


There are two components in the solution:

1. MatchSticks with SDK and hardware files

2. Restful APIs and compelete documentations


Big Data solution

This solution suits for the companies that dedicated for data mining, API collection/forwarding and public services.

People share their MatchSticks and other sensor data, you pay for their selfless dedication :)

You will get the following things:

1. APIs for data channel and configuration of network devices

2. Cloud and network support 24/7

There is a component in the solution:

1. Restful APIs and compelete documentations


All I want Is Hardware solution

Allright, you win, there is no need of our network and backend support. You just want to use our OpenWrt to connect your Lora controller.

It is like buying a MacBook Pro but you flash a Windows XP on it.

Anyway you will get the following things:

1.  Powerful IoT gateways that beats all the competitors

2.  Sensors with ultimate user experience and GPIOs

3.  Free hardware support for CE/FCC/LoraWAN certificate and pre-complience test

4.  Free community support for everyting