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We believe that sensors of IoT application should be FREE and OPENSOURCE.

So our design file and SDK of MatchSticks for creating different applications based on out IoT network are all opensource to users.

LoraWAN protocol stack on our DA14680 BLE chip is illustrated as the following picture.



There are two PCB design files for China's 470-510MHz and EU/US 868/915MHz. We prepared the support files for Altium Designer, Kicad and Eagle.

Please click the correspongding logo for the design files.


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IoT Gateway


MatchX aims to deliver the LoraWAN network solutions that compatible with LoraWAN protocols, and has good performance like output power and sensitivity.

Most importantly, we opensource our OpenWrt/LEDE for the development of community. 

There are three main categories in our product line:

1. Outdoor waterproof MatchBox

2. Inddor MatchBox

3. More powerful SoC like Dual-core Snapdragon Wi-Fi and Ethernet, or multiple SX1301 with SX125x.

Please fork us on github:

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LoraWAN mPCIe cards

Want to use the USB ports on your mPCIe card slot for LoraWAN? Yes, we can help to realize your idea.
The design of mPCIe cards are planned after the KickStarter campaign. SX1301 is not suitable for the USB design due to the performance degradation, we will use SX1308, a new chipset to design the cost-effective mPCIe cards!

Network analyzer and emulator

How to generate interference? How to emulate like 100 nodes send and receive at the same time? How to check the coverage? How to analyze the roaming process? How to check the authentication process?

To optimze the network coverage and simulate the network behaviour, we need special equipment that can generate signal and analyze the LoraWAN network in the fields.

MatchX is cooperating with the test and measurement equipment manufacture for developing the professional signal generator and hand-held specturm analyzer for the operation and optimization of IoT networks.

                                                   rsa600 spectrum analyzer laptopfigure 01


We cooperate with Tier-1 manufacture in the industry, and has an office in Shenzhen for quality control and supply chain management. The following companies are the official partner of MatchX for all of our production. Every piece of the hardware you get is examined and assured with high performance and quality!


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Pre-compliance Test

Companies would like to design their own sensor and then provide services to the customers. We want to support the situation that a device is need to pass CE/FCC/LoraWAN certifications.

Our professional software team will help to check the codes that run on the sensors.

Our hardware team will use the exisiting equipment like VNA, specturm analyzer and Anechoic Chamber to generate concrete reports. If there is any design issue, we can offer suggestions and design support to help you pass the certification.

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