MatchStick Specifications

All-round IoT Sensor Kits with Lora & BLE



Stick2.166MatchStick features LoraWAN technology with Bluetooth Low Engergy 4.2, and brings ultra-long-range that up to 20km with ultra-low-power that up to 5 years battery life to people.

The Longest Range of IoT Sensor Kits 

lora 15km

The Stick can reach 20dBm output power and -146dBm sensivitity.


The Lowest Power of IoT Sensor Kits 

Lora power

The Stick uses 18650 battery that enables various long-term applications. And it supports battery charging through USB.

The Most Secured IoT Sensor Kits 

lora security





Firmware upgrade and BLE backhaul


lora firmware

Lora can only take a small payload, thus it is almost impossible to update the firmware massively in Sub-GHz band. We can use Lora to inform the new firmware and toggle BLE for the massive upgrade.

Another advantage that brings about by BLE is when LoraWAN is not available, BLE can send out iBeacon and Eddystone for backhaul.


The Stick base exposes all the resources through the USB-C connector and the users can grab a Sensor hat like air quality, temperature, movement or human detection to enable various IoT applications.

We also designed a mount hook that can attach the MatchStick to your bike, door, window or backpack.


Enhanced security at chip-level


The Dialog chip has a lot of awesome features like True Random Number Generator and ECC engine, which can be used for a more robust and reliable encryption and authentication at the sensor level. 

The ECC Engine is a very flexible block based on a 4x4 array of Dual-Field Processing Elements (DFPEs) that can be used to execute all operations & algorithms required for Elliptic Curve Cryptography systems such as Diffie-Hellman (ECD-H) Key Exchange and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). The ECC engine is flexible enough to support any other crypto algorithm since it comprises a μ-Code based controller which reads code from a dedicated RAM, making upgrades possible.






 Development Environment: Dialog DA1468X SDK

GPS Sensor: SIMCOM SM28L GPS module

 CPU: Dialog SmartBond™ DA14680

Inertial Sensor: Acclerometer, Magnatometer and Gyroscope

 Memory: 18 Mb FLASH, 64 kB OTP memory, 128 kB Data SRAM,

16 kB Cache SRAM, 128 kB ROM

Air Sensor: CO, CO2, Methane

 IoT:   SX1276 @+20dbm Output Power

Fire Sensor: Smoke, and IR fire detection

 470/868/915Mhz, -146dBm Sensitivity

Flood Sensor: Water leak detection        

 BLE: Bluetooth 4.2 @ +3dBm

Movement Sensor: Human movement detection     

  Supply: 5V1A USB-C for charging the battery

Light Sensor: Gesture, color and ambient light detection

Battery: Panasonic 18650 @ 3000mAh

Agricultural Sensor: Soil moisture detection

  Sleep Power: 30-50 uA

Electricity Sensor: Relay control or power consumption

BLE Power: TX: 3.4 mA, RX: 3.7mA

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 85°C

  Lora Power: TX: 120mA @ 20dBm, RX: 9.9mA

Certification: CE, FCC, LoraWAN

 Button: GB-LED, RESET

LoraWAN support: V1.0.2, Class A/B/C                 

  USB Interface: 6 fully flexible GPIOs, SWD, RESET, Power Size: 32 x 147 x 32mm
 Antenna: On-Board PCB antennas for BLE, Lora