Digital Matter Devices Now Integrated with MatchX

MatchX, developer and manufacturer of the worlds first, and leading low-power multi-token IoT crypto miner, today announced a new integration with Digital Matter GPS tracking hardware, enabling new IoT asset tracking applications for MatchX and its partners.

This is a continuation of MatchXs thriving global expansion model, dominating new markets across the globe, as well as furthering their mission of connecting devices and connecting the world. 

MatchX has secured ISACA certification, meaning the M2 Pro will be used as the backbone of the South African IoT infrastructure, processing billions of terabytes of data. We are very proud to announce the integration of Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices, which will create new IoT asset tracking and management opportunities across a range of verticals including smart cities, logistics, and more.

Up until now one of the bottlenecks of asset tracking was the lack of infrastructure. MatchX with its crowdsourced IoT network solves this problem, helping businesses all around the world to take advantage of Digital Matter asset tracking devices. The team look forward to collaborating with leaders in low-power IoT asset tracking, as well as to tackling one of the prevailing problems in the field. You can find a number of compatible devices at the MatchX Shop as well. 

Additionally, from today on, all members of the MatchX / MXC mining community will be able to start their own IoT project with the compatible sensors from Digital Matter. All Digital Matter devices are compatible with the MXC Network, enabling anyone to buy a sensor and easily set up their own IoT projects and actualize their own use-cases. 

MXCs innovative Device Provisioning enables a seamless set-up of secure devices on any network. Through this provisioning process, users only need to follow a few simple steps to register their devices on their systems. This process uniquely stores encryption keys necessary for LPWAN communication on the device as well as the server. Since the entire process is completed using LPWAN communication, no further hardware or other tools are necessary. All of this ensures that all data exchanged between device and server is safe and secured. Additionally, this further improves security by preventing unwanted compromise of keys by any unauthorized third party. 

All the MatchX team are proud of the advancements they're bringing to the world of IoT and look forward to working together with Digital Matter, the leaders in the field of low-power IoT asset tracking.

About Digital Matter

Digital Matter is a leading global developer of low-power GPS and IoT hardware for asset tracking and management applications. Engineered to outperform, we offer a versatile range of  LPWAN asset tracking hardware with the largest portfolio of integration-ready battery-powered asset tracking devices across a range of connectivity technologies. With over 20 years of telematics experience and over 500 channel partners across 120 countries, Digital Matter supplies and supports scalable, and secure devices for Telematics Businesses, IoT Solution Providers, Enterprises and Network Operators around the world.

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