MatchX GmbH and the MXC Foundation Partner with Radom Network

MatchX GmbH and the MXC Foundation announce a new partnership with Radom Network, set to strengthen the infrastructure of MatchX’s Supernodes by bringing Radom’s hallmark decentralized service discovery and security solutions to MXC network management. 

Radom Network will act as the backbone of MXC’s cloud management. The centerpiece of Radom Network is their BaaS (Blockchain + Software as a Service) platform, which allows DevOps engineers and network specialists to create configurations and permission sets for their networks, and to provision the metadata of the connected assets they contain. Radom will provide a dashboard for the data that MXC collects from M2 Pro miners around the globe. 

Ultimately, Radom enables devices, message brokers, and cloud servers to receive payments and lease network access with accountability, ensuring an abundance of privacy. Radom Network enables those purchasing data to securely verify the authenticity of the data they receive.

MatchX GmbH and the MXC Foundation are excited to utilize this blockchain-as-a-service platform to create virtual asset representation of their smart devices on-chain. MXC is also thrilled to expand their currency portfolio and partnerships with the Radom token.

“This partnership with Radom allows for the MXC Foundation to increase our ever-growing footprint within the European market,” said MXC Foundation Co-Founder & COO Aaron Wagener. “As the MXProtocol continues to develop our vibrant data global economy, partnerships such as this will ensure we can secure smart-devices as data assets on the Blockchain.”

“Radom is delighted to have established this partnership with the MXC Foundation," said Chris Wilson, CEO of Radom Network. "We look forward to seeing MXC Gateways being operated through our device and service discovery solution. We would love to see MXC users take advantage of our open and accountable network leasing infrastructure which enables users to lease access in full or to isolated parts of their network, allowing 3rd parties to purchase access to valuable data.” 

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