MatchX is changing the LoRa/LPWAN game

MatchX is changing the LoRa/LPWAN game (again)!

The newest release LPWAN Dev Kit by MatchX is a high performance, ready to use development platform you LoRa enthusiasts have been waiting for.

So, let’s get ready to kick-start your IoT project!

Together with a MatchX Core module, the Dev Kit is an incredibly flexible solution that can be deployed in a various number of applications that require long-distance communication and long battery life. The unique combination of both LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy makes non-contact firmware updates easy, especially when the device is mounted in a difficult to access place!

The MatchX Module uses LoRa communication to send messages over long distances (up to 20km in open spaces). This unique modulation scheme guarantees robust wireless communication even in difficult from RF point of view environments such as high-rise city landscapes or within the inside of buildings. The module can output up to 17dBm of power and is fully LoraWAN compatible.

The module offers a novel firmware solution upgrade by augmenting LoRa, together with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). As LoRa protocol is not suitable for transmitting large amounts of data, MatchX has combated this with BLE, offering a quick, robust and remote way of updating your software. It is a perfect method in cases where a sensor may be mounted in an inaccessible place like in a basement, sealed container box or behind a wall. Moreover, BLE together with the provided mobile app enables you to configure your module and read its status and additional data.

Now to the real Hardware facts:

  • integrated MatchX Core System on Module
  • +18.5dBm output power in 868MHz/915MHz
  • -146dBm sensitivity of LoraWAN packets
  • integrated Semtech SX1276 LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 0 Hz up to 96 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 Dialog DA14680 microcontroller
  • GPS receiver with 22 tracking / 66 acquisition- channels
  • optional NB-IoT, Tri-Band LTE-FDD, and Dual-Band GPRS/EDGE module
  • integrated Li-ION battery charger
  • 16 bit I/O expander
  • GROVE sensor connector
  • RGB indicator LED and User Button
  • temperature sensor with 0.125_C resolution and 1_C accuracy
  • a unique ID EEPROM memory
  • ultra low power design


  • Runs LoRa and Bluetooth stack simultaneously
  • Low power consumption modes
  • Easy to use software package
  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • Firmware upgrade over the air
  • Mobile application

The module can be powered in two ways:

1. By connecting the VBATT to a battery voltage (2.7V to 4.2V).

2. By supplying +5V on the VBUS pin.

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