Monetizing your independent network!

The new MatchX M2 Pro lets you build your own independent IoT network and earn Crypto by sharing it. Register the gateway in 10 seconds, enjoy more storage for your data and 4G support worldwide. Expect some disruption of the IoT space. 

Exciting news! The MatchX M2 Pro is here. We finally released the Chinese version of the new LoRa gateway in May. The EU and US versions will be here for you in autumn 2020. Don’t miss it. Pre-order here.

But we can’t wait to share the main features and benefits with you. Get ready for the MatchX M2 Pro.


A new chapter in LPWAN begins today!

We’re thrilled to introduce you a revolutionary device for the IoT world. With an M2 Pro, anyone can earn cryptocurrency by building a wireless network in their city and creating a more connected future.

The installation process is much quicker and easier compared to previous models. NO step-by-step tutorials, NO user-guide, NO video instructions… It’s simple. Just plug it into a power source and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable, or simply via a built-in 4G/LTE module. Once this is done, use the MXC Data Dash Mobile app to finish the setup process. You find the QR code to register, at the bottom of M2 Pro.

Scan QR code and your M2 Pro is ready to earn.

Once registered, you can use the MXC Data Dash App (available on IOS and Android) on your mobile or desktop. Here you are able to see all relevant information about your gateway and how much money it has made for you already. You don’t need to do anything. The MatchX M2 Pro runs quietly in the background, creating coverage and earning money. Just make sure it’s always plugged into power and connected to the Internet. The mobile app allows you to see status for a single or multiple gateways.
MXC DataDash App’s Home, Gateway, and Wallet view
MXC DataDash App’s Home, Gateway, and Wallet view

For iOS
: Download on the App Store

For Android: Download on Google Play

The data visualization of your connected devices will be added to the App shortly. From there you will be able to mange all your IoT devices such as asset trackers, cameras, smart locks and etc. One Gateway, one App…endless opportunities.
Image of MXC Data Dash App - Desktop Version
Image of MXC Data Dash App - Desktop Version
Now, anyone is able to set up an LPWAN Gateway and earn MXC by sharing their network. Working together with our strategic partners at the MXC Foundation, we have finally monetised the world of LPWAN. By setting up the network and allowing data transfer you can earn a transaction fee. Building truly decentralized networks together. Curious? Read more about it out here. Or check the MXC video here.

Operational gateways in China, July 2020Operational gateways in China, July 2020 

The  M2 Pro allows you to

  • Plug & Play registration 
  • Build a long-range LoRa network
  • Set the gateway up outside with IP66 durable enclosure 
  • Monetize your network 

    At its core, MatchX products are all about security, privacy, durability, and innovative solutions for people who seek to harness the power of data.

Options to customize the gateway for you

To leverage all the power and flexibility of M2 Pro, we’re offering custom devices tailored for your business needs. 

  • You can get the gateway, just LTE, just SSD32 or with LTE + SSD32- depending on your storage needs. 
  • Option to add the 4G antenna for more connectivity worldwide
  • Add a large antenna for an even wider network 
This is true independence. 

We re thrilled to share this, the final look of MatchX M2 Pro with you. We personally can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it! 

What are your first impressions? Let me know your thoughts (at the bottom of this article – if POSSIBLE) or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 




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