New Firmware Update for Gateways – MXOS v0.0.11

What’s new:

  • Implemented new UI
  • Bug fixes

 New User Interface

Right after successful installation a new firmware you are able to see new UI. If you are in the same network with GW you can go to  <serial_number>.local instead of 192.168.X.X 

Example: S/N: MXXQA2TNC -> mxxqa2tnc.local

The password is the root password of your Gateway(GW). It can be found in your matchx cloud account. Hint: how to get into account

Once you enter this root password you will have access to our new UI.


We use LuCI as a basic interface. Here you can find more information about it. In addition, there are a lot of guides on the Internet on how to use it including youtube.

Wifi settings

We have implemented our previous UI to LuCI and it can be found on Network->Wifi page

This text area shows the content of global_conf.json which is located on your GW.

It is possible to make changes in this window, you also have an option to upload (Choose file) configuration file. Right after choosing the file it will appear in this window.

Finally, you should click Submit in order to save changes and restart the LoRa packet forwarder service.

Major note: this tool checks if the presented text is a valid json config. You are able to check it here. Probably, your config file contains special comments encapsulated between /* and */. You have to delete them or make a special field for them.

Bug fixes

Internet reconnection

In this OS we have fixed a significant bug. Earlier when GW lost internet connection it didn’t reconnect and it was necessary to make a hard reboot. But now this problem has been solved and the user shouldn’t be concerned about it. Furthermore, an implemented network manager can choose appropriate connections by itself. For example, if we have problems with the Ethernet connection, but the WiFi connection is stable, GW will prefer the second option to work.

LED behavior

In previous versions when GW lost internet connection or there were problems with OpenVPN/LoRa service, LED was green and didn’t notify a user about the wrong functionality. Now it works as expected.


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