New Web UI for MatchX Gateways. MXOS v. 0.0.12

Introducing the new firmware update of accessing Web UI of the gateway.

What’s New:

In this release, we simplified the way you access the information of a gateway for a better user experience. Now, there 2 options for accessing the Web UI, with:

  • IP address
  • Serial Number

Also, we have highlighted the most useful features of the Web UI that you may need to know while using a gateway:

  • Wi-Fi Configuration
  • Changing a password to the UI
  • System Logs
  • Changing LoRa configuration

How to access the Web UI

If the GW (gateway) is connected to the same network as the user, it is possible to access the Web UI of the GW ether with its IP address (which not always is easy to find) or by using the serial number of the GW.

  1. With the IP address:

a) Find out the IP address assigned by the router to the GW. You can use different tools like Angry IP Scanner or log in to your router and see connected devices. MX170x GWs have MAC addresses starting with 40:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.

b) Copy the MAC address to your browser, you will be redirected to the login page of the WebUI:

2. With serial number (this method may not work on older operating systems or some mobile devices):

a) If you know the serial number of the device you can type in the following into the browser: http://serial_number.local (replace serial_number with your actual serial number). You will be redirected to the same login page as previously.

In previous firmware v0.0.11 in order to login you needed:

Username: root
Password: root_password

Where root_password can be found on the MatchX Cloud server after registering the gateway.

In the current software update, the old method still works, but users can also login using the serial number as a password:

Username: luci

Pay attention that the serial number has to be written on capital letters.

The starting page with basic information should open:

The most used features of WebUI

WiFi configuration

Status->System Log

It allows to read the system logs for debugging.

Changing LoRa configuration:


 The LoRa config can be read and uploaded. You should change it only if you are an advanced user as incorrect settings can prevent the GW from functioning correctly or connecting to the network server.

The window will show the current GW config but in order to upload the new configuration, the config has to have the correct JSON format. This means that all comments need to be removed ( everything that is placed between /* and */). 

For instance in

Has to be transformed to

If you need to edit the config file, copy the default one from the window to a notepad, delete all comments, add your changes and upload it again to the window and press the Submit button.

In order to change the network server to which GW should connect it is recommended to check if there is a sample configuration file provided by the server owner available. The server configuration is defined by the following fields:


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