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MatchX Core is the connection between your hardware and the power of LPWAN. After installing the MatchX Core, your device can transmit using any LPWAN network.

The LPWAN Core module by MatchX is a high performance, ready to use system on module allowing you to kick-start your IoT project. It is an incredibly flexible solution that can be deployed in a various number of applications which require long distance communication and long battery life. The unique combination of both LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy makes non-contact firmware updates easy, especially when the device is mounted in a difficult or unaccessible place.

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Europe, Asia, US

Operating Frequency Band

USA: 902-928 MHz
EU 863-870 MHz

Maximum Output Power

US: +17 dBm
EU: +14 dBm

Lora BW

US: 500k/125kHz
EU: 125 kHz


US: 7-10
EU: 7-12


US: IEC 60950-1 / FCC PART 15.247
EU: EN 300200 / EN 301489


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