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The MatchX LPWAN Gateway is a feature rich LoRaWAN gateway with models certified around the globe. With Listen-Before-Talk technology (available in Europe, Japan and South Korea), MatchX Gateways are built to avoid data-collision, ensuring the reliable transmission of your data.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

Each MatchX Gateway is as energy efficient as the average lightbulb. Ensuring a low cost of operation, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Securely Encrypted

End-to-end encryption increases the security of your data. MatchX Gateways relay information, however are unable to decrypt it themselves.

Choose the device you need for your country

Device Channel Plan Supporting Countries
  • EU863-870
  • IN765-867
Please contact us if you aren’t certain.
  • US902-928
  • AU915-928
  • AS923
  • KR 920-923

MatchX Gateway Description

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