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How to set up your M2 Pro Miner

How to set up your M2 Pro Miner

Welcome to the MatchX family! Home of the world’s first multi-token, LPWAN, IoT Crypto Miner, the M2 Pro. MatchX prides itself on making your mining experience simple. Let's walk you through what’s in the box and how to set up your miner!


The first things you’ll notice when opening the box are assembly instructions and a set-up guide.


Next, we’ve included power cables with the correct plug for your specific region.

Three antennae are included (two are for LORAWAN and one is for GPS for a high strength, reliable signal). You’ll notice a slot for a fourth antenna for an optional LTE signal (coming soon in 2023!). 


Let’s get to the main event, the M2 Pro miner itself! The miner is compact and simple with a sleek, minimal design and a sturdy mount built right into the miner. We’ve even included additional brackets to mount your miner in the optimal position, whether indoors or outdoors.



The MatchX M2 Pro miner is incredibly easy and quick to set up. The miner can be used with a WiFi connection or an ethernet connection (we've included the ethernet cable for you); whichever is more convenient for you. To open the miner's hatch, there are two small screws towards the bottom of the miner. Unscrew them, then with both thumbs push down to slide the cover off. 

This is where you’ll find the ethernet port, with handy cable management built right into the cover. Connect your ethernet cable (or WiFi) and wait for the steady green light to appear, letting you know your miner is connected.


You're almost there! To set up with the DataDash app, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the DataDash app 
  • On DataDash, go to the Miner page
  • Tap Add and scan the miner's QR code (located in the miner's hatch)

You are now registered on the Supernode and can start mining! Please make sure to choose the correct supernode based on your region.


That's it! Mining has never been so simple. After a few hours, you should see your first mining results. Remember to enable push notifications on your DataDash app and check it regularly for mining results, cool promotions and competitions with awesome prizes!

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