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M2 Pro Miner | Buy New - Never Used

M2 Pro Miner | Buy New - Never Used

As you’ll be aware, the M2 Pro Multi-Token miner has quickly become the fastest selling low-power, multi-token crypto miner on the planet. The M2 Pro is an IoT Miner and by operating one, you’re contributing towards generating a massive, long-reaching LPWAN data network to support the increase of IoT traffic. 


The beauty of this miner is, it’s low-power (around 2.8 watts) and it mines multiple tokens, MXC, DataHighway, Bitcoin and, coming soon, Polkadot. Another key strength is, it puts you in complete control of your mining. You are responsible as to whether you mine at 100% mining power or not, as the choice is all yours. The miner itself is simple to start, with no technical knowledge required and needing only 5 minutes of your time to set-up. Furthermore, as a miner you’re part of a global community, adding to the global coverage of the MXC LPWAN network, ensuring devices and IoT data can be continually transmitted across the Web3 IoT Metaverse. 


Now, when it comes to purchasing a used M2 Pro from eBay, alibaba or elsewhere, the MatchX team (Maker of the M2 Pro Miner) has always stated that there is a high level of risk in buying used or “second hand” miners. In this article we will discuss the risks of buying a 2nd hand miner and why you’re always better to invest a little more and ensure you’re getting the original and the best, directly from MatchX.


There are several key reasons as to why you should buy a brand new M2 Pro Miner, let’s take a look at why, and how buying a used miner can seriously affect your ability to mine: 


  • Previous owner still owns the miner, meaning unless they decide to delete it from the system, it will still remain in their control, even if they’ve physically sent it to you, you’ll be literally mining for the previous owner
  • QR code secrecy - the QR code on your M2 Pro is unique and you must keep it hidden. If the previous owner has taken a picture of it, you’ll never be the unique owner and at any time your miner is offline they could potentially re-connect the miner
  • Second Hand miners can also be past their manufacturers warranty; this means that if you have a technical fault with your miner you will not be covered by the MatchX hardware warranty
  • Second Hand miners often have empty fuel tanks, this means they will not mine at full capacity and often leave the 2nd hand owner with the need to buy extra MXC to fill up the fuel tank. That’s an extra cost, that the original owner burdens the new owner with
  • As Meta-XP has been introduced, older miners on the network are encouraged to participate more, as they move over to mine other tokens (away from MXC). If you intend to buy an M2 Pro to get the maximum out of it, plus mine MXC at its maximum, then we strongly advise not to purchase a 2nd hand miner at any time


Now, we think you’ll agree, that’s quite an exhaustive list of reasons to “buy new”. If you want to enjoy your mining experience, it’s worth not taking short-cuts. Buy directly from MatchX and buy new, and your involvement in MXC, DHX, BTC and DOT will be worth it.

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