We offer you a versatile indoor/outdoor Gateway, development kits and sensor core chips to build and scale your IoT projects. We offer a free cloud service but leave you the option to use your own server. Start your project today!

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Smart Cities

With rapid advancements in technology, there is a need to find sustainable solutions in order to conserve energy and save costs. MatchX offers business solutions for building smart cities and making our communities more efficient.

Traffic and street light optimisation – Optimise lighting based on need and cut down on energy consumption. Smart waste management – Collect data from sensors inside garbage cans to determine the best time for garbage collection and waste management.

Pollution control

Measure air quality around the city to get a better sense of resource planning.

Smart parking

Source real-time parking data to seamlessly organise parking and save time.

Aside of these use-cases, MatchX gateways can use LPWAN technology to establish smart water networks, allow bike sharing possibilities, gather more constructive disaster management data through fire and flood sensors amongst other things.


Supply chain setups cover tens of kilometres of area.

With all this space it’s understandable that logistics play a vital role in tracking and locating shipments and the whereabouts of specific containers. 

MatchX Sensors assist by constantly reporting data to the LPWAN Gateways over long distances without compromising on efficiency or accuracy.

MatchX sensors are specialised to run on low power, meaning their lifetime exceeds 10+ years. It’s easy to use and is completely plug-and-play.

Future of Agriculture

MatchX Gateways allow farmers to have precision control over their farms, to reduce costs, improve yield and boost profit!

An average sized crop farm can cover hundreds of hectares, as a result of which it’s expensive to synchronise all aspects that go into controlling a crop farm. Even the smallest changes can have a significant effect on crop yield, ground maintenance and profit, which makes it crucial to get it right!

To accomplish this, we placed our proprietary MatchStick Sensors into different sections of farm soil. The sensors transmitted the soil data to the LPWAN MatchX Gateway. The Gateway covers a range of up to 20km and transmits real-time soil data straight from the sensors to the cloud. This data then allows the farmer to manage his crops efficiently and organise irrigation and fertilisation.

By using MatchX LPWAN solutions, farm owners can significantly reduce operating costs, cover broad distances with a single Gateway and increase crop yield by allowing their crops to directly talk to the MatchX devices. This is the future of farming. This is the MatchX difference!

Monitor soil conditions:
Imagine if your crops can give you all the information you need to manage them better. MatchX gateways can pair up with sensors that measure soil data in order to help you manage your crops more efficiently.

Track livestock:
Data transmission and connectivity over long range ensures location and health conditions of livestock can be monitored effectively using MatchX.