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Farming is big business and in order to make big profits you're going to need a big farm!

An average sized crop farm can cover hundreds of hectares, as a result it's a costly business to synchronise all aspects that go into controlling a crop farm.

Even the smallest changes can have a significant effect on crop yield, ground maintenance and profit, that's why it's essential to get it right!

MatchX revolutionary Gateway allows farmers to have precision control over their farms, reducing costs, improving yield and boosting profit!

To accomplish this, MatchX placed our proprietary MatchStick Sensors into different sections of farm soil, the sensors transmitted the soil data

to the LPWAN MatchBox Gateway. The Gateway covers a range of up to 20km, the Gateway receives real-time soil data straight from the sensors and transmits the Read More

data to the cloud. This data then allows the farmer to have his crops inform him when they need to be either watered or fertilised.

By using MatchX LPWAN solutions farm owners are able to significantly reduce operating costs, cover broad distances with a single Gateway and increase crop yield by allowing

their crops to directly talk to the MatchX devices. This is the future of Farming, this is the MatchX difference!



Suffering a household power-outtage to your fridge can cause quite an inconvenience, but, imagine the impact of

suffering power issues when you're monitoring an entire grocery chain refrigeration system, it can have devastating effects!

Just the smallest drop in temperature can turn fish, chicken, dairy products and more into carriers of deadly bacteria.

Therefore constant monitoring of refrigeration controls is essential for public health.

Many cold storage warehouses need to constantly measure their fridge and freezer temperatures, ensuring they're reliable and the data is in real-time.

Slight increases or decreases in temperature need to be to be monitored, documented, recorded and controlled on an hourly basis. Read More

Wi-fi and Bluetooth are still the "method of choice" for many companies monitoring their refrigeration temperatures.

However, overloaded wi-fi and short-range blue-tooth networks are extremely costly and anything but regular. When wi-fi drops out or the system needs to send data

through walls, above ground or from fridge to fridge reliability issues start to add up. MatchX delivers a seamless LPWAN solution that's low-cost, high-range and always reliable!

MatchX has implemented MatchStick sensors in both fridge and freezer units, using the MatchX sensors, constant temperature is measured (from -45deg to +80 deg).

The Gateway continues to receive the data through walls, above ground and in freezing temperatures, all the time without the need for Wi-Fi resulting in on-time

reliable reporting for all devices. In addition with up to 10 year battery life it ensures the system will keep working for years and years to come!

Shipped & Delivered!


Shipping docks cover tens of Kilometres.

With all this space it's understandable that logistics play a vital role in tracking and locating shipments and the whereabouts of specific containers. MatchX Sensors assist by constantly reporting data to the LPWAN Gateways over long (10km+) distances, all the time negotiating tricky obstacles.

MatchX sensors are specialised to run on low power, meaning their lifetime exceeds 10+ years. It's the easy to use plug-n-play system that lasts and lasts and lasts!

Covering Europe’s Start-Up Capital!


With the longest range LPWAN Gateway in

the world MatchX can cover not only a single Factory, instead, an entire city! With just 8 – 10 Gateways MatchX has managed to cover the entire length and breadth of Berlin, Germany. The phenomenal reach goes wide and far, 15km inner city, 20km in open space, with an output power reaching up to 27dBm and sensitivity of 146dBm, now that’s power only a MatchX Gateway can deliver!