The World's First LPWAN Crypto-Miner

M2 Pro, fundamentally re-engineering mining. Powering the IoT Global Data Network + rewarding Miner Participation. It’s time to join the global movement!

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The M2Pro powers the revolutionary Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network, an ambitious global movement led by the MXC Foundation, creating a free, decentralised IoT network for everyone. Due to the low-power requirements of the M2 Pro, we've successfully changed the mining world, making it easier, cheaper and more profitable to mine multiple tokens, than before!

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The Unrivaled Miner that Simplifies Mining

Set up the network. Allow data transfer. Start earning.

Mining should be simple and profitable. We redesigned cryptocurrency mining to maximize the profit, while minimizing the effort. The M2 Pro gives everyone a simple and universal mining solution that doesn’t require a rig or complex technical knowledge.

Data Dash App The World's Multi-Token Mining, Staking & Crypto earning App

Profit, In The Palm Of Your Hand

MXC DataDash App
1. Easy Installation: Plug, Scan, Earn
2. Remote Monitoring: Check your mining operations anytime, anywhere
3. Staking: Stake and let your profits grow even more

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