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MatchX develops a wide range of products. From our world famous superior M2 Pro Miner, operating on the Blockchain, right through to industrial Gateways, development kits and sensor core chips. We build decentralized networks to assist scalable commercial and Smart City IoT projects. We stand for quality, delivering German engineering to the world!

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M2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto MinerM2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto Miner
MatchX M2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto Miner
Sale priceFrom €2.300,00
MatchX GatewayMatchX Gateway
MatchX MatchX Gateway
Sale price€400,00
MatchX Prime Cards
MatchX MatchX Prime Cards
Sale price€1.000,00
Air Quality SensorAir Quality Sensor
MatchX Air Quality Sensor
Sale price€14,24
MatchX Prime Cards
MatchX MatchX Prime Cards
Sale price€500,00
MatchX Prime Cards
MatchX MatchX Prime Cards
Sale price€100,00
MatchX LPWAN Dev Kit
Sale price€75,00
Edge X AI KitEdge X AI Kit
MatchX Edge X AI Kit
Sale price€149,95
Barometer SensorBarometer Sensor
MatchX Barometer Sensor
Sale price€14,24
Light Sensor v1.2Light Sensor v1.2
MatchX Light Sensor v1.2
Sale price€7,52
UV SensorUV Sensor
MatchX UV Sensor
Sale price€7,52

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