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CareBand and MatchX GmbH are creating an alliance to bring smart IoT healthcare solutions to Europe. Based in Chicago, CareBand is a leading provider of smart healthcare solutions, combining innovative location and activity monitoring technologies with innovative design to empower individuals with dementia and their caregivers to lead independent and fulfilling lives in a place of their choosing. MatchX is a prominent Berlin-based company responsible for state-of-the-art LoRaWAN network gateways in creating the world’s first decentralized, secure, and fair peer-to-peer data republic network using MXProtocol.

CareBand addresses the limitations of the current products available in the healthcare sector by providing smart wearables that operate on the LoRaWAN network. Together with MatchX’s robust and scalable LPWAN network infrastructure in place across Europe, CareBand is now positioned to deliver the highest level of responsiveness and care to individuals with dementia and reinvent the aging experience. The LoRaWAN network is indispensable in this partnership, as it ensures the network is accessible at all times — because of its decentralized nature — and that coverage is extensive.

Driven by several years of R&D investment in purpose-built AI and machine learning capabilities, CareBand users can set up "geo-fencing" to create dynamic virtual perimeters and alert users when loved ones have strayed too far. Real-world studies, funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) programs, also enable the device to provide insight into behavioral trends — such as agitation and socialization — that may signal a need for more care and even prevent a visit to the hospital.

Adding the blockchain to CareBand’s solutions will put patients in control of which data they share and with whom, the wearables can notify family and trusted caregivers when at-risk individuals may have wandered away while eliminating bottlenecks and speeding up clinical access to crucial patient data. Storing a patient’s medical records on the decentralized ledger adds a security layer to sensitive information. It further allows researchers and scientists to analyze this big data agnostically by finding patterns that may lead to the next breakthrough in the healthcare system.

MXProtocol is providing an intercontinental bridge for companies in the United States to further their services to a massive European audience. We are humbled that CareBand has joined our global network, and we look forward to adding more North American partners soon,” said Aaron Wagener, MatchX’s COO. This is a significant milestone towards creating a data republic and for the healthcare industry. Integrating smart healthcare devices on the blockchain is now possible through the innovative and unique MXProtocol, and bringing two disruptive tech innovators together to empower citizens for a better future.

As a part of the initial rollout, CareBand and MatchX will focus on two key markets in Europe: Germany and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, the MXC network already has upwards of 96% coverage, meaning that wearable smart devices — as well as any other IoT-connected devices — can transmit crucial and time-sensitive data securely, with no interruptions across the entire country.

With the recent developments in scaling device provisioning applications, thanks to the intense work of the MatchX team, the data can be securely end-to-end encrypted, thus ensuring the most optimal and immutable transmission of valuable data feeds. This innovative device provisioning simplifies the onboarding of new devices within the peer-to-peer network built by M2 Pro users, thus making secure IoT solutions accessible to the mass market.

I believe in a world that empowers people to live safely and independently in their homes and where families gain peace of mind. I am thrilled by this opportunity to partner with MatchX’s innovative team and what it enables for older adults who want to age in place”, said Adam Sobol, Careband’s CEO, and founder.

The MatchX network, powered by MXProtocol, has experienced exponential growth in laying out secure gateways through the globe, now with over 20,000 active access points. With many years of expertise in IoT, both companies aim to revolutionize the health monitoring system by bridging the gap between the basic human right to be healthy and its implementation and realization.

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