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NEO: Made to Perform

NEO: Made to Perform

NEO: Made to Perform


Welcome to the world of NEO, a revolutionary low-power, data network rig made to perform. In February 2022, MatchX Hardware engineers began conceptualizing this unique, one-of-a-kind masterwork, creating a captivating and feature-rich experience with a clear focus on both decentralization and performance. 


NEO is the latest masterpiece from MatchX. A supreme, low-cost, yet powerful piece of hardware, NEO, is Made to Perform.


Key Highlights

  • High-Performance Multi-Token Rig: MXC, DOGE and Sensor Tokens
  • Extremely low power usage, less than 1 watt of consumption, resulting in virtually zero power cost
  • Worldwide compatibility: High performance in every country, everywhere
  • Optimized power supply with a USB-C connection for easy connectivity
  • Improved location data, supporting end-to-end indoor operation
  • Portability, for on-the-go use
  • Built-In Anti-theft mechanism
  • Enhanced Low-Scale Certification (LSC) Technology
  • Low Cost, High Performing rig, allowing everyone to join the global data network

You can download an informative NEO one-pager by clicking here.


Why NEO?

NEO serves multiple purposes, the central premise for NEO can be summarized simply: limitless accessibility. NEO is built to not only significantly increase the accessibility of the MXC global mining network, but also to leverage the utilization of Web3 certification, boosting IoT, Data, and Web3 utility, ultimately making a more decentralized and accessible ecosystem to everyone around the world. 


Thanks to the massively successful implementation of the M2 Pro, MatchX already boasts an impressive and thriving worldwide LPWAN network for IoT, Web3, NFT & NFC devices. As various global business partners onboard to the MXC miner-powered network, a need to further strengthen the network infrastructure in densely populated urban areas arose, namely when it came to individual and unique product certification. This is a key function of the NEO, NEO furnishes network partners with a need for increased accessibility and verification across even the narrowest of city alleys, secured by a reliable, verifiable hardware network. Hence, NEO was born - built to verify, built for indoor usage, and built to perform! 


NEO’s key purpose is to increase network verification and accessibility, in order to achieve optimum results, a large number of NEO rigs are required to span even the smallest corners of cities or rural areas. For this reason, NEO has been made accessible to more people with its incredibly affordable price. Now everyone can join this global movement without feeling strains on their pockets.


Multi Token Mining: MXC, DOGE, Sensor and ISO Tokens 

Why settle for just one token, when there is so much more out there? We believe that our commitment to offering world-first, multi-token accessibility has put MatchX as the brand of choice for hardware experts, multi-token mining enthusiasts and absolute mining beginners alike. In a bid to continue this community commitment, the team at the MXC Foundation, decided to implement a multi-token model on NEO, with MXC,DOGE, Sensor and ISO Tokens all on AXS App.  


Low Power Consumption, Maximum Results

The recent spike in energy costs has increased everyone’s mindfulness in regards to energy consumption. As many of us are cutting down on our power bills, we at MatchX also believe that it is our responsibility to continue our high standards of environmental excellence in producing low-power hardware. With NEO, we believe that we have achieved just that - coming in at just under 1 Watt! Now, if you consider a standard lightbulb using 40 watts of energy, NEO utilizes only a fraction of such power. This results in virtually zero energy cost for users. A key advantage, for the environment and your wallet, something others simply can’t compete against. 


Low power consumption doesn’t have to mean that low results is. Even though NEO uses only 1 watt of power, operations have been optimized to bring maximum benefits to the data network. Not only is the overall base standard more beneficial, network contributors are also able to improve their journey by leveling up their tiers in a simple and logical manner. Moreover, there are additional incentives, unlockable for more established users with a proven record of reliable network provision. This is a data network certifier that delivers network results!


Easy Usage and Full Portability

We believe joining the global data movement should be both easy and available and it must be available for everyone, that specifically includes those with no technical experience. NEO truly revolutionizes crypto mining by making it easier than ever before. With a USB-C connection, NEO can be powered easily without the need for POE. With full wireless connectivity integration, NEO can connect to any source of internet, including 5G and 4G-enabled smartphones. Moreover, the installation takes less than 5 minutes, with no technical experience required.


Thanks to its innovative technology, NEO is fully portable for those of us who are constantly on the move. With a standard 1000 mAh portable power supply such as a power bank, NEO can be fully powered for an entire day of normal usage. While we do recommend users install NEO indoors at their homes, the added portability is expected to be a bonus for those who wish to take NEO with them while they are away from home for an extended period of time, ensuring increased network reach. 


Anti-Theft and Censorship-Resistant

One of the most advantageous aspects of blockchain technology is decentralization and anonymity. While anonymity is important, it must not be used to sacrifice the security of those involved in the network. To further protect NEO rig users, we have implemented anti-theft measures on NEO. This means that when a legitimate user receives his or her NEO and registers it on the DataDash app, that information is hardcoded on the device. Even if a party with ill intentions steals your NEO and installs it somewhere else, the hardcoded information on NEO will distribute all network activity back to the legitimate and original user’s account, each time, every time. 


Worldwide Compatibility

As more people choose to work and live remotely, we at MatchX also strive to embrace the new, hyper-digital, tech-punk nomad culture. With NEO, it’s all possible. With an optimized tech stack, NEO achieves worldwide compatibility, no matter where you live on this planet, NEO works. There is only a single model of NEO, and miners can now move across the world and continue to enjoy easy mining operations with NEO without further configuration. 


Get your NEO now and start Mutli-Token Mining! 

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