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M2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto MinerM2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto Miner
MatchX M2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto Miner
Sale priceFrom €2.100,00
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MatchX Merchkit
Sale price€0,00
Water SensorWater Sensor
MatchX Water Sensor
Sale price€5,00
UV SensorUV Sensor
MatchX UV Sensor
Sale price€7,52
Ultrasonic Distance SensorUltrasonic Distance Sensor
Time of Flight Distance SensorTime of Flight Distance Sensor
Temperature & Humidity SensorTemperature & Humidity Sensor
Sunlight SensorSunlight Sensor
MatchX Sunlight Sensor
Sale price€14,24
PIR Motion SensorPIR Motion Sensor
MatchX PIR Motion Sensor
Sale price€7,52
Piezo Vibration SensorPiezo Vibration Sensor
MatchX Piezo Vibration Sensor
Sale price€7,52
MatchX Merchkit
Sale price€1.000,00
MatchX CoreMatchX Core
MatchX MatchX Core
Sale price€25,21
Luminance SensorLuminance Sensor
MatchX Luminance Sensor
Sale price€7,52
MatchX LPWAN Dev Kit
Sale price€75,00
Loudness SensorLoudness Sensor
MatchX Loudness Sensor
Sale price€7,52
Light Sensor v1.2Light Sensor v1.2
MatchX Light Sensor v1.2
Sale price€7,52
Infrared Reflective Sensor V1.2Infrared Reflective Sensor V1.2
Human Presence SensorHuman Presence Sensor
MatchX Human Presence Sensor
Sale price€17,61
HCHO SensorHCHO Sensor
MatchX HCHO Sensor
Sale price€17,61
Flame SensorFlame Sensor
MatchX Flame Sensor
Sale price€7,52
Finger-clip Heart Rate SensorFinger-clip Heart Rate Sensor
Edge X AI KitEdge X AI Kit
MatchX Edge X AI Kit
Sale price€149,95
Ear-clip Heart Rate SensorEar-clip Heart Rate Sensor
Barometer SensorBarometer Sensor
MatchX Barometer Sensor
Sale price€14,24

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