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NEO: Low Cost Miner for the Masses

NEO: Low Cost Miner for the Masses

NEO: Made To Perform

NEO is a miner for the masses! Designed for indoor mining, this device is even easier to set up in the comfort of your own home than ever before. The NEO rig ensures an even stronger global data network and a mass distribution of our mission, to fulfill the global need for Web3, IoT and Data Verification services, even in the smallest corners of the world. All for a fraction of the price. 

So what else is new?


The rig is noticeably smaller, allowing for it to be more accessible. With its extremely low power consumption, a 1000 mAh power bank can operate the miner for more than one full day. Take it anywhere, use it anywhere.

Global compatibility 

There is only a single model for the NEO rig. Take it with you when you make intercontinental travel, and it will still be compatible at your destination, on time, every time.  


The QR code on the NEO rig will be one-time usage only. So even if someone steals your miner, they will not be able to register it. Only the first person to register the QR code will be able to secure it. 

Improved Protocol 

The NEO comes equipped with a brand new protocol that allows users to make active, strategic decisions to significantly boost mining power. You can choose to level up your tiers at any time, significantly boosting performance. However, there are also protective measures implemented to ensure that the network operations are fair for everyone.

Multi-token mining 

Not only does NEO operate on the MXC chain, but it also has the unique ability to integrate with DOGE, this is a unique one-of-a-kind multi-token mining functionality, yes, introducing DOGE to the MXC global data network.  

Increased transparency 

The mining difficulty formula is available for anyone to see, and using it, anyone can calculate their current and projected operations.

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